How to Disable Automatic Driver Downloads on Windows 10?

Covered profound inside the old Control Panel, Windows 10 still has the choice to abstain from introducing drivers as a major aspect of Windows Updates. For the majority of us, the drivers are an appreciated expansion to keep things running easily, however the tinkerers out there like things a specific way, and refreshing a driver may change recently put away settings.


1. Right tap the Start catch and select Control Panel.

2. Advance toward System and Security.

3. Snap System.

4. Snap Advanced framework settings from the left sidebar.

5. Select the Hardware tab.

6. Press the Device Installation Settings catch.

7. Pick No, and after that press the Save Changes catch.


Step by step instructions to Block All Driver Updates for a Device


Windows 10 likewise enables you to keep Windows from putting in new drivers for an explicit equipment gadget. This will keep you from physically introducing a driver refresh for a gadget, as well, so you’ll need to handicap the strategy first in the event that you ever would like to introduce a refresh.

Notwithstanding, this will likewise keep Windows Update from putting in new drivers for a gadget.


The most effective method to Block a Specific Driver Update


As opposed to obstructing all driver refreshes, you could rather decide to uninstall a breaking down driver refresh and square Windows 10 from introducing it later on. This will help if Windows demands introducing a broken driver. In any case, Windows Update will attempt to naturally introduce the following rendition of the driver refresh when it’s accessible, regardless of whether you obstruct an explicit driver refresh.


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